Additives - why, where, how much

Additives to your Koi pond might seem to be a massive industry with potions, lotions, pastes, poultices and you name it available for you to add to your Koi pond. It might seem that snake oil is the one thing that is missing!

The reality is that if you are keeping good water you generally don't need to add much to your Koi pond. Regular water changes and good maintenance will normally be enough to keep your pond in tip top shape. 

However there are a few things that you can add on a more regular basis to help your water maintain it's pristine quality. These pages list some of these most useful supplements that we use regularly on our own Koi ponds. They are all products that we have tried and that we trust, and can vouch for in that they do what they say they do. These are not products based on snake oil!