Bao Bio Clear

Boosts your bacterial development in your Koi pond.

Bao Bio Clear filter bacteria booster

Use to seed new filters

Your friendly bacterial buddies in your Koi pond need a bit of a helping hand to get going. They will colonise every square centimetre of available surface area in time but as a rule the nitrifying bacteria that break down ammonia and nitrite colonise particularly slowly.

Bao Bio Clear is a bacterially friendly supplement that helps speed up the process. It contains bacteria in the clear blue liquid and these bacteria are the ones that we are trying to get to take up residence in our filter systems.

A little goes a long way - you only need 2 ml of Bao Bio clear per 1000 litres of pond volume repeated after 48 hours. Hence a single 500 ml bottle will be able treat a pond of 125 m^3, twice. And at R180 for a 500 ml bottle it's also very reasonably priced!

You can also always supplement your pond's activities with Bao Bio Clear. If your filter has taken a knock, say after an unavoidable pond treatment a top up with Bao Bio Clear is strongly recommended to help your bacteria get back up to speed in the shortest possible time.

Clear is also the kind of water you will get after using the product since Bao Bio Clear also degrades organic detritus in the pond. It helps to remove some of that pesky fine material that causes water haziness - which in my books makes it a winner!