BioSleep is used when sedating Koi such as when using BioWound or BioRepair. BioSleep by biocentric

BioSleep is a specially formulated natural sedative that has a calming effect on fish. This prevents stress during handling and topical treatment of fish. 

Never sedate more than one fish at a time and keep water well oxygenated with an air stone.

In the severest of cases Koi can be euthanased humanely and gently with BioSleep by simply leaving them in the product until gill plate movement ceases. Painless and humane.

BioSleep has been specifically formulated using high purity extracts of pure clove bud (the fraction that has the highest eugenol content). The formulation has been optimised to enhance diffusion in water and does not contain any carrier oils, thus significantly reducing the tendency for the oil to coat the gills of the fish. The product is stable and consistent, ensuring that the user can accurately guage dosage requirements. Be aware of the over the counter pharmacy products that have not been specifically formulated for use with fish.