So how do I begin?

The choice is yours. We're here to guide you. Obviously our area of expertise stems from cyprinus carpio - the common carp - or Koi, an animal that we understand well. However, in our dealings with the aqua culture industry over time we have been involved with cat fish projects, tilapia, abalone, marron, well, you name it. We have an extensive network of people who work within the industry and we work closely with some of them on large and smaller projects as they arise.

For us we have seen the need for training, and for scalable operations that are flexible according to need. As with farming, crops are not completely cast in stone - farmers can elect to produce different crops according to market demand and profitability.

And you need to start somewhere. If you are serious about aqua culture the chances are good that you are serious about doing it profitably and learning what it is you need to know to make a success of your fish farming operation.

Which fish?

So selecting what type of fish you want to farm is the most important step. We can advise you on this, and provide you with facts and figures that will allow you to make your own decisions. Popular choices are of course tilapia, trout, catfish and to a lesser degree carp. All have their merits and their drawbacks that you need to carefully assess. 

Which system?

Again here you have a wide variety of choices. The systems that we supply are recirculated aquaculture systems (RAS) which offer the most intensive farming potential, with the highest degree of control over them to mitigate the risks arising from farming at high densities.

RAS systems use relatively little water to produce relatively high quantities of fish. They require much less land space as a result but are more expensive to set up initially.

The bottom line is that we can help you.