Building on our PondInnaBox concept the FarmInABox is a natural extension into a full blown aquaculture version. Beefed up and specced to handle the more rigorous demands that aquaculture places on fish systems the FarmInABox is a self contained individualised fish farming system that can cater for small scale startups right through to large commercial production systems.

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FarmInnaBox has been designed to be an economical way to setup a fish farming system that can serve as a training platform, or as a research environment or as a commercial scale operation. Per kl farmed FarmInnaBox is the most cost effective fish farm model on the market both in terms of the capital costs and in the all important running costs. FarmInnaBox scales from 3kl (drawing less than 100W) through to 10kl drawing (less than 200W) with optional U/V pulling between 30W and 60W in addition.

FarmInABox is designed to be profitable - fish farming with all the necessities that are essential to success and none of the expensive periphery that is not needed. FarmInABox keeps your capital costs lower per unit than anything else available on the market but has the ability to scale up to match any system in production capacity. It is an ideal 'starter system' for people wanting to get their feet wet in the new world that is aquaculture.

FarmInABox incorporates a hatchery system as well as grow out to remove dependencies on external supply of fingerlings and the obvious disease risk that this may present. 

Risk minimisation, system redundancy and backup, scalability, design and commercial production are key design features of FarmInABox. You can run with one unit or 100 units - the choice is yours. FarmInABox has been put together by those that have done and continue to do - and it is a proven working model.

Drop us a line to learn more and we can get you started. Systems start at R21k for a 3kl unit up to R28k for the 10kl unit farming at a density of 35kg/kl to 40kg/kl. We'll design your tunnel for you at the lowest cost and train you on how to maximise your ROI by learning how to farm fish effectively without you spending a fortune.


FarmInABox is the cheapest, complete solution for anyone who has never farmed fish before. It offers the lowest risk, the maximum resource utilisation and the single best way to get into aquaculture on offer today.