Air pumps for Koi ponds

You want a pump that delivers!

Air pumps are not created equal. Anyone who has experienced the silver coated noisy experience of the piston type pumps, or the uber cheap diaphragm pumps will know about the experience of wasting money!

They're attractive - they're cheap and they are rated at far above their actual abilities...

But a good quality diaphragm pump is quiet, pumps deeper, delivers more air, and over the long run will cost you massively less to own. We've been through the uber expensive, uber cheap, and uber rubbish air pumps over the years and the ones we now stock are air pumps we can say we have complete confidence in.

They outlast, out-pump and are orders of magnitude more reliable. When it comes to something as critically important as air delivery in your Koi pond a good airpump is worth its weight in gold!