OK so you have a sand filter!

And you are sick and tired of backwashing the thing every second day, opening it up and ending up with your hands and arms full of gunk and goop...

Look, we're no fans of sand filters. In fact we hate them so much we invented this prefilter to help you cope with them.

The idea is that this is an inline filter that connects between your pump and sandfilter.

Pre Filter
























Pre Filter -  920 mm tall, 350 wide, 200 deep.


Inside the filter are two simple 400mm brushes standing on top of each other.

Pre Filter Brush


Which are accessed by simply removing the lid!

Pre Filter Lid

What happens in this prefilter is that a significant percentage of solid goop and gunk gets entrapped in the brushes and taken out of the loop long before getting to your sand filter or even bead filter. Cleaning is as simple as openign the lid, removing the brushes and hosing them down... It's simple, quick and easy.

When running these units in our own environment as prototypes we found in fact that they worked so well we didn't need any additional mechanical filtration at all. We in fact removed our static bed mechanical filter on our main pond an ran one of these units exclusively.

We're confident that installing one (or even two) of these into your system ahead of a sand filter or bead filter will dramatically reduce the load on your sand or bead filter dramatically. Easier to clean, easier to maintain, easier all round.

Installation is a doddle - the units can stand up or lie down. We can even have half height units custom made if you prefer. Inlets are 50mm unions and simple to install.

We're that confident that we'll offer you a money back guarantee on the unit. You'll find these units in our online shop.