Maintaining Your Koi Pond

Less is better.

Save as much time as you can. Maintenance is a bother.

You should aim for a Koi pond that involves as little maintenance as possible. The less involvement that you absolutely have to have the better all round.

Unfortunately, a Koi pond is ultimately an expression of a classic mass balance. You add mass via food, and you have to remove the same mass, albeit in a different form, or your pond will either continually gradually gain mass or lose it.

The quantities are tiny in respect of the total mass of the pond, yet we have seen that even small quantities of some substances, specifically waste substances, can be lethal to Koi. Gradual buildups of waste only cause problems, they never solve anything.

Ideally, with an active and efficient bio filter of appropriate capacity, most of your maintenance should revolve around organic solids removal.

Maintenance and regular testing of your Koi pond is something you just have to do...

Once you have your Koi pond up and running, you'd be sadly mistaken if you think it looks after itself. If you put in a great filtration system, your regular maintenance will be drastically reduced. But even with this state of the art filter equipment, your workload doesn't disappear entirely.

Keeping Koi is a commitment. Flushing filters, checking for problems and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning will become part of your routine on a regular basis. Our filter systems offer an extremely low work load but it still needs to be done regularly.

Testing is also important. Don't forget to test semi regularly and to record the figures so that you can establish a trendline over time.

Good water quality is the key to successful Koi keeping. Regular maintenance is a vital aspect to maintaining good water quality.