The Free Pump

The one free pump you get in life is gravity. Gravity is powerful and it is your friend when it comes to moving water around in your pond.

Gravity is always on. It is stable and completely predictable. It always does the same thing no matter what.

So, when designing a Koi pond it is easy to design a system in which gravity does all the heavy lifting of forcing water back to your pond via pipes. It can even move water through your filter systems for you. With the correct design, you can run your entire Koi pond on as little as 200mm total water lift. This means you can use tiny highly efficient pumps to drive even the most massive of Koi ponds.

We have seen pumps that can deliver well in excess of 100l/hr/w. In other words, 100W can push 10 000l/hr through your filter system. In some cases we can do even better than that.

We make these system work be minimising what our pumps have to do. In every possible case we offer the pumps the situation in which all they have to so is lift water through a pipe to a height to 200mm. In other words the pump has no pipe frictions to worry about, no elbow constraints and no massive heights to worry about. These systems use gravity to return water back to the pond, or to push water through filters on their way back to the pond. The pumps purely lift water, as short a distance as possible and gravity then does the rest.

It's remarkable. It's effective. It works and it works well. When building your next Koi pond remember that this is a route that is available to you. All you need is the correct design and the the correct application and you're on your way.

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