We had very limited space to work with on this one. This is round three - round two involved replumbing 4 sand filters into bubble bead filters and low power pumps. This time around we replaced the 4 bubble beads with one super big brute of a bubble bead with a nice big fat juicy multi port. We added a protein skimmer and a moving bed bio filter.

Protein Skimmer



Here you can see the bubble bead filter. We kept the existing bio filter towers - for the small overhead they present they offer additional bio filtration. The "sand filter" is in fact filled with big zeolite to polish the water and to soften it a bit.

Big Bubble Bead and bio filters




Just a shot of the UVs mounted on the wall - they are level - the camera shot isn't!

UV Lights


Brutus, the bubble bead filter from hell. Has not one but TWO blowers to really give that solid gunk hell.

Big bubble bead filter



The gULP moving bed bio filter fed from the protein skimmer. Slow flow rates here but sufficient to get the job done very neatly thank you. Again the filter is level, the camera ain't!

gULP moving bed bio filter


We have managed to get enough filtration into place to more than adequately filter the 50kl pond on the other side of the wall. Everything is working as it should despite us having to use spacers to get the gULP level because the existing floor slopes to the waste sump in the middle. The important thing is super healthy Koi water and robust filtration that gets the job done.