How gULP operates as a biological filter


gULP can also operate in several ways as a biological filter. Biological filtration is in fact more important than mechanical filtration - Koi can live quite happily in murky water but they cannot survive in water where ammonia is allowed to build up. Biological filters keep water healthy for Koi.

You can configure gULP to run as a biological filter using:

1. SuperActiFlo Moving Bed technology
2. Japanese matting or Matala
3. Lava rock or alfagrog
4. Hair curlers, cut up plastic tubes or pretty any much any other media you can think of.

Our preference is of course for SuperActiFlo simply because of the vast performance improvement when using this technology. gULP is easy to configure for this media, or indeed any other.


                      gULP Bio Air Ring
                     gULP biological stage configured for SuperActiFlo with air ring


                      superactiflo moving bed bio media
           gULP as a biological stage with SuperActiFlo installed and operating as a moving bed.


                      gULP Interior Large Stainles Steel Plate Installed                         
                                                gULP with plain stainless steel plate fitted

Note the configuration allows you to easily create a void both below and above your media. The slotted grid pattern on the plate allows for better dispersion of water flow paths through your filter bed if you opt for a static media.

As a biological unit gULP has the best of all worlds. A small foot print. Easy installation, easy maintenance and massive performance, particularly when used with SuperActiFlo.