How gULP connects to things


gULP Dimensions

On it's stand gULP is 1450mm high.


We've tried to make gULP as easy as possible for you to to connect to anything else. We believe gULP offers youunparalleled installation flexibility as a result!

Firstly you will note that gULP is fitted to handle 110mm diameter piping. This is to ensure maximum possible flow rates throughout the filter system. gULP can handle any flow rate of up to 12kl/hr with an optimum design of 10kl/hr.

gULP has 4  x 110mm connecting sockets which can connect to 110mm pipe via a simple rubber sleeve or even via standard rubberised 110mm plumbing fittings. If smaller pipe diameters are required it is very simple to reduce down to any standard diameter with off the shelf fittings.


Press on Elbow      Elbow and reducer

Standard press on rubber 110mm elbow and reducer to 50mm.



gULP 110mm Rubber Connector  gULP 110mm Rubber Connector Connected  gULP 110mm Rubber Connector Connected

gULP 110mm Universal rubber coupling


gULP also has four flat sides that can accommodate the use of our super wunder rubber flanges which come in  50mm, 63mm or 110mm sizes. These can be installed at any convenient location on gULP.

50mm Rubber Flange Connector  63mm Rubber Flange Connector  110mm Rubber Flange Connector   

gULP Rubber Flanges - 50mm, 63mm and 110mm.


gULP's five way sump box also makes it very easy for you to install a flush or drain line again in any standard diameter you prefer (50mm, 63mm or 110mm). Rubber flanges or tank connectors are easy to install.

Using these standard fittings gULP can be completely removed from your system with nothing more than a screwdriver - meaning that gULP can be customised almost infinitely to suit any Koi pond need. For instance, when we recently converted a gULP mechanical stage from brushes to a static bed of SuperActiFlo for a customer, the time taken from when we arrived on site with the existing gULP full of water to the time we left with the same gULP full of water was just less than 25 minutes.

gULP is simply one of the easiest filters to install and you can easily DIY.