gULP performance specifications


gULP contains approximately 340 litres when full. For a 2 minute residence time this works out at an hourly flowrate of 10kl per hour. gULP can be 'overdriven' at up to 12kl/hr in the case of a gravity fed installation, or up to 15kl/hr in the case of a pump fed installation (head dependant).

In Koi ponds an acceptable turnover rate of the entire pond volume though the filter system once every two hours is sufficient. In other words,  gULP can handle between 20kl and 24kl of pond volume in terms of flow rates. You can of course can specify flow rates to suit your requirements.

Our recommendation is that gULP works at its optimum when matched at roughly one mechanical stage and one biological stage gULP per 15kl to 20kl of pond water as a rough rule of thumb.

We have designed gULP to be EFFECTIVE. Using SuperActiFlo bio media a single biological stage gULP can handle up to 750g of food per day. This is a considerable feed rate, and if you are going to be feeding more than this in your Koi pond the addition of a second gULP system is child's play.

The best designs for gULP use one mechanical gULP and one biological gULP per 110mm bottom drain which are installed at a rate of one drain per 15kl or pond space or part thereof. Each gULP system can then be driven by it's own water pump, allowing for pump efficiency and redundancy in the event something goes wrong with one of the pumps at any time the other pump(s) can carry on regardless.

You can rest assured that gULP has plenty of surplus capacity to ramp its performance up enormously to match the increasing loads placed on it by your Koi as they grow larger.