Why one Biomedia does it all

The more the better...

Bamboozled by thousands of meters of surface area per cubic meter of media?

It's all smoke and mirrors sadly. Snake oil salesmen will claim that their media has hundreds of thousands of square meters of surface area per litre of media that they use - and largely this can actually be true!

However, its utterly useless in a typical biological environment making use of biofilm as an active filtration process. This is because we are FAR more interested in the actual ACTIVE surface area that our filters are able to expose to the water that is being filtered. In the vast majority of claims of media made by the charlatans above 99.99% of this 'surface area' is never exposed to the water it needs to be exposed to in order to facilitate the nitrification process.

So it might as well not be there!

superactiflo moving bed bio media

Bio film that is in contact with water passing past it is what counts. The more biofilm the better. The more contact the better. 1 square meter of biofilm in contact with water all of the time will be more efficient than 100 square meters in contact with water 1 percent of the time. It really is just about as simple as that.

SuperActiFlo, the moving bed bio media addresses precisely this fact. The water passing into the filter system is put in direct contact with the biofilm growing on the SuperActiFlo almost constantly because of the chaotic nature of the moving bed process. You have a turbulent swirling environment with individual media pieces spinning and moving within the water column and having massive water movement around the active biofilm surface as a result. It is what we call a near perfectly mixed environment and it is for this reason that the media easily outperforms any other static media available on a volume for volume ratio.

There are other benefits of course. The water column is kept oxygen rich thanks to the turbulence and air bubbles (which are used to create the moving bed).

The outside of the media is always kept clean because of the interaction of the media with itself as part of the moving bed process. This is vitally important since the biofilm on the media continually attempts to colonise the outside of the media and in this process expends more energy - hence using more food (ammonia) hence increasing efficiency!

And of course best of all, the moving bed requires zero maintenance. Zero. Zilch. Owing to the turbulence and action of the media it is self cleaning!

SuperActiFlo - the bees knees of bio filtration.