Koi pond filtration systems

In this section of the site you will find out how and why our filtration systems work

In the world of Koi keeping there are many different Koi filtration systems on the market. We have tended to favour non pressurised systems over their pressurized compatriots for two, no three, no four... simple reasons!

Firstly pressurised systems cost more to run.

And secondly, as yet we are unaware of any systems run by mother nature that are pressurised.

Thirdly, non pressurised systems are generally as a rule of thumb a lot easier to maintain. Access to them is normally less complicated and leaks are less of an issue.

Fourthly, you can normally see quite easily with your own eyes exactly what is going on. You can open them up and get to the bits you need to without any effort.

And lastly, they're normally easier to install.

Of course these are not hard and fast rules and many people report great success with pressurised systems. They're just not our first choice for our precious babies and the reasons for this are based on sound logic and practical experience we have garnered over the years as well as a healthy dose of common sense thinking!

Yes, some of our systems appear expensive. But they all offer economical performance and we weigh their value over the life of a pond - and it is in this time frame that their true value is realised! Build your Koi pond, but build it ONCE and build it properly is and always has been our philosophy.

Browse through our preferred filter systems and see for yourself how they will work for you.

The basics of managing filtration effectively in your Koi pond

The nitrogen cycle

Understanding the Nitrogen cycle is of crucial importance to the success of your own Koi pond. It is not as simple as it may first appear however
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Biological filtration

Biological filtration is not a difficult concept to understand. It's at the heart of the nitrogen cycle and is responsible for removing all the dissolved wastes that would otherwise accumulate in your Koi pond and kill all your Koi. If left unattended
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Mechanical filtration

Mechanical filtration is part of the two step filtration process in Koi ponds. Even if you have very good mechanical filtration you will still need superb biological filtration. Mechanical filtration is the first stage in the filtration process in a Koi p
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Gravity or pump fed filtration

The decision on how to feed your filters (gravity or pump) will impact your filter design significantly
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