Introducing the tULiP Koi pond filtration system

tULiP is an acronym for Ultra Low Power. With the ongoing success of it's bigger gULP brother we realised that a smaller more compact filter system that did it all in one had a valuable role to play in Koi pond filtration.


tulip koi pond filter


tULiP is designed around old and proven principles applied with modern technology and the latest in innovation with respect to power consumption. It is eminently possible to drive tULiP with ultra efficient pumps and to date we have proven tULiP in our test pond of 12kl with a delivery rate of around 10kl/hr using a pump drawing an actual measured 35W.

The implications for Koi pond owners are staggering. The running costs of electricity alone for the average Koi pond are often overlooked - yet they easily represent the single biggest expense you as a Koi keeper will face. At current 2013 electricity pricing it it reasonably close to  a cost of R1 per 1W used per month.

In other words, a swimming pool type pump rated at 0.75kW which is the most common pump used on Koi ponds will set you back around R750 a month in electricity costs alone, if it only pulled 750W from the plug. In reality, the pump is RATED at 750W, but it can pull anywhere between 900 and 1100W out of your plug socket (depending on the motor quality, friction, age etc..

The math is simple. R35 a month to run your pump vs over R1000?

When it comes to numbers, tULiP has been specifically designed around the number 10 000. On a Koi pond we aim at a turnover rate of once every two hours. In other words, the pond volume should circulate through your filters once every two hours.This means for a 10 000 litre Koi pond a flow rate of 5000 litres per hour through the filters will be sufficient to keep your Koi in tip top healthy water. Of course no harm is done if you filter your water at a faster turnover rate.

tULiP has been designed conservatively. The rules to follow are easy. For every 10 000 litres or part thereof you have in Koi pond volume, you will need one 110mm bottom drain and one tULiP. Hence a pond of 20 000l will need two tULiPs and two bottom drains, a pond of 50 000 litres will need 5 bottom drains and 5 tULiPs.

For ponds in between these sizes - it is best to round up and give yourself additional filtration head room. You can never over do filtration on a Koi pond, under do it however and you will have endless battles with your Koi pond.


tULiP is designed around performing optimally as a gravity fed pump return system. In other words it operates at the same water level as your Koi pond, which is why 110mm piping is used to feed tULiP to ensure there is enough water at low enough head to be able to allow the ultra efficient pumps to perform. 

It is not necessary to have a jet stream of water pushing your Koi around in the pond as if they were in a maelstrom. tULiP moves massive quantities of water in a gentle steady surge similar to a river as opposed to a hose pipe type jet. You can of course fit any pump to tULiP to generate any effect you like, even push up waterfalls if required.

tULiP can be pump fed and have gravity returned water. It makes tULiP almost infinitely versatile.

tULiP is a chamberised multi compartment filter specifically tuned and designed around optimising space. It has 5 compartments all of which perform different functions namely mechanical filtration designed to give you crystal clear Koi pond water and of course superlative bio filtration using SuperActiFlo moving bed media to give you unmatched performance from a compact filter. 

We've also workd hard to make sure that maintaining tULiP is about as simple as falling off a bus. Maintaining filters shouldn't be a chore - it should be as quick and simple as possible. With tULiP we've done that.


tulip koi pond filter