The different varieties of Koi

Koi come in a bewildering variety of different colour schemes. However, all Koi are genetically indentical to each other and in fact are exactly the same species as the common carp, cyprinus carpio.

Koi exhibit their fantastic colour schemes thanks only to selective breeding over many generations primarily by the skilled artisans that are the Koi breeders of Japan. Some of these breeders extend back more than 6 generations and the lines of famous Koi that have developed over the years can be traced back over two hundred years now.

There is much debate over how long ago the first Koi made their appearance and whilst evidence of coloured carp exists in China many thousands of years ago the modern Koi carp as know it today can trace it's origins back to one place - the beating heart of Koi world wide: the prefecture of Niigata in Japan. 

We have a clever yet simple PDF document that details how you can identify your Koi here.

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