Of course you first have to get into the pond...

Tripping over your own feet is good start


This takes care of getting into the pond. We are happy to report that no Koi, especially Wilhelmina, was harmed during this unplanned excursion...


Mark demonstrates the good old leg swing technique.


Mark Pond 1

It is important to ensure a comprehensive dunking to ensure mobile phones are properly drowned. No  point in doing half measures. Here Mark shows us how to grab the side and to lift the left leg. Note the sunglasses formerly on his head have been retrieved already and placed to the side out of harm's way.


Mark Pond 2

In this follow up picture Mark shows how to position the left leg on the side of the pond whilst leaning one's body weight to the right in a classical counter weight poise.


Mark Pond 3

Now the left leg is completely swung over the side of the pond. Note the position of the upper body mass to minimise the effort exerted in this procedure.


Mark Pond 4

Nicely executed!