Quite possibly the most important part to any Koi pond!

It is THE single most commonly asked question we're given by Koi pond owners. How do I seal my Koi pond? How do I repair the seal on my existing Koi pond? How do I reseal my Koi pond? How do I repair a leaking Koi pond?

We promise you one thing. There is nothing more irritating on the face of the planet than a leaking Koi pond. Don't go there. Don't even think about it!

We've gone through a lot of pond sealants in our time. We have seen fibreglassed ponds leak. We have seen gunite ponds leak. We have seen three foot thick concrete shells leak. We have seen more ponds leak than we care to remember.

For the last little while we recommended the MatCrete system from CemCrete. It is an easily applied solution to a plastered surface and it works! And it remains an option for you.

But now.

We have been testing and trialling a new product over the last three or so years - we're nothing if not demanding in our evaluations of Koi pond sealants!

Quite simply put, this is the single most brilliant option to use when sealing a Koi pond. We are totally sold on the product and the only regret we have is that we did not start using this product in 2001 when we started Happy Koi.

It's not cheap, but we don't care. Our guys that do it are in fact the cheapest applicators on the market and perhaps more importantly they know what they are doing. The product has a ten year warranty and will last for twenty - it is flexible, bullet proof and indestructible. It is chemically inert which means NO, ZERO, NADDA pH issues as with most other sealants. Seal, wait 24 hours (because it makes us feel better - the product is good to go in 5 minutes) add water and add fish. Job done. 

We don't do this ourselves - in fact we leave this to the experts. Drop a mail to info@happykoi.co.za and ask for the referral to the water proofing guys - they will get hold of you and you can go from there. This is a crowd that I (William) am happy to recommend and as you know, this does not happen often, if ever. They are justifiably busy so please don't expect it done overnight but they will do their best.

So far they have done my big pond at home, all our shop ponds and probably around 50 customer referrals. We have had literally one or two comebacks in that time (and even those were actually not the product's fault at all)  which is to be expected frankly - but what is important here is that the guarantee was honoured, without question immediately and in full. Cannot say more than that - when it comes to sealing Koi ponds it will take a long road for us to even consider anything else.