A Humongous Koi Pond in Durban...

Not for the faint hearted

Gerard built this pond himself. It's awesome - over 2m deep and breathtaking beyond what these pictures can show you. Total pond capacity is around 80 000 litres...


large koi pond durban picture 1

A view of the pond looking up to the thatch lapa entertainment area. The timber decking covers the filtration system.


large koi pond durban pic 2

Had to include this snap of the dog!


large koi pond waterfall returns

Shot of the many waterfall returns to the pond


waterfall upper pond return

Taken from the timber deck overlooking the main upper waterfall pond


3 leaf skimmers!

Note the three (3!) leaf skimmers...


crystal clear koi pond

Awesome! 2m deep and crystal clear...


detail of water fall returns

Detail of water fall returns on far side. Note the lighting...


natural waterfall on koi pond

Sorry, I just loved these waterfalls. Natural, soothing...


waterfalls with own pools

Note that the waterfalls each have their own smaller pools in which plants are planted.


wooden entertainment deck on koi pond

Feature shot of the entertainment deck


koi pond filtration system under wooden deck

Part of the filtration system under deck....


more filtration under wooden deck exposed

More filtration exposed...


large filtration system for large koi pond

Not a small filtration system!


lucky koi fish in their large koi pond home

A few of the lucky residents...


night time at the koi pond

Stunning at night! Those lights work brilliantly


night lights large koi pond

And another night time shot - the pond is simply fabulous in the long warm Durban evenings...

What can we say? A labour of love that took some time, a lot of dedication, considerable effort (and some money) but with a natural looking and feeling Koi pond that really embodies the best essence of a large Japanese Koi pond, with it's depth and superb water quality.  Simply a stunning Koi pond in all respects.