How big to build your Koi pond...

The bigger the better when it comes to Koi ponds

Our recommended minimum size Koi pond is around 10 000 litres, or ten cubic meters. In other words the size of your pond should be a minimum of 2m x3m by 1.6m deep by way of example. Variations to this can of course be used - but a Koi pond should not have less than 1.5m for any one of it's dimensions.

Hence Koi ponds are substantial affairs. Some Koi ponds can be truly massive, up to and in excess of one million liters. Remember though that you need to filter your Koi pond and as such there are practical limits. Of course if you have a massive lake such as this you can get away without filtering the water but then the clarity of your pond will suffer. Having a consistently crystal clear pond comes about as the result of good filtration - nothing more and nothing less.

Filtered ponds

There is nothing wrong with a large unfiltered Koi pond of course, since the issues of visibility may not be as important to you as the size of the pond maybe. For all intents and purposes this site and our business focuses on filtered Koi ponds for the simple assumption that we make in that we assume you actually want to see and engage with your big beautiful Koi!

The bigger you go the more it will cost to build, filter and run the pond. There are economies of scale that kick in but beware that generally, in the vast majority of cases, the cost of filtering Koi ponds is linear and directly proportional to the size of the pond. There are no shortcuts that you can take - each liter of water in the Koi pond requires the same measure of filtration irrespective of how many of them there are.

Your emphasis however may shift a bit for instance with more focus on mechanical filtration than on biological filtration in very large ponds, but don't count on this to reduce your initial capital costs. More insidiously do not forget about your running costs which can creep up very quickly and leave you with a nasty surprise at month end and a hole in your bank account.