Setting up PondInnaBox


Setting up your new PondInnaBox is a simple affair. They are easy to configure and easy to implement.As the old adage goes, a picture says a thousand words and so here goes. 


The PondInnaBox viewing the external filtration

There are two fittings that will have to be glued together in this particular version of PondInnaBox.

The first is the 110mm elbow that fits onto the internal slotted pipe of the black drum bio filter.

The second is the 63mm elbox to the 63mm pipe that leads from the pump outlet to the U/V light. PVC solvent weld is easy to use.

Firstly coat the inner surface of the fitting, and the outer surface of the corresponding pipe with the PVC weld glue. Don't be shy, by generous and make sure that the glue is at least 30mm wide and maintains this coverage the full way around the fitting and the pipe.

Then simply slide the pipe into the fitting and wait about 30 seconds for it to start to set. What happens is that the solvent weld actually dissolves a little of the plastic of the fitting and the pipe and then reacts with it to fuse it into place.

You can wipe off any excess glue using a rag. Leave the fitting for an hour or so and it will then be good to go - a full cure will take 24 hours.

Once these two fittings are glued into place, assemble your PondInnaBox as per the pictures, fill the pond and you're all set to go. 


You will notice that in this installation we have raised the biofilter 300mm off the ground. A collection of bricks will do the trick here. The reason we have done this is because this way you do not need to penetrate the sidewall of the pond to get water back to it. This means less to go wrong and fewer oppportunities for leaks. Note that the pump is NOT installed on the base of the pond - in the event a leak does spring up on the outside filtration system the pond cannot be emptied completely.