Koi on offer


We always have Koi in stock - pop around and come and see them in the flesh for yourself!

In particular in this time of C19 lockdown we have three special fish that we've been holding back. They are all larger fish ranging from 50 to 60cm and they are Serious Koi. In particular we have a Kohaku from Torazo that has done some amazing growth, with superb skin. A Sanke from Sakuma with serious lustre, the most stunning fukurin scalation and sumi you can eat, and lastly a Shiro Utsuri with some of the best potential for sumi development I have seen in ages. It's not a show fish, but it is a fish with longevity and stunning qualities. The breeder is top secret but this is easily one of the very best he managed to achieve in the short time he was breeding Koi.

Email us for pictures and we'll send them to you. Prices are rock bottom for fish of this quality - to give you an idea the Kohaku is R15k, the Sanke R20k and the Shiro R10k.The usual price on these would be what someone is prepared to pay for them - we're moving them on at cost plus 10% as they have probably eaten more than that in Saki Hikari alone!