Useful Links and Koi related resources on the Internet

Finding sites that know what they're talking about can take time

Here's a list of other Koi pond sites and societies to save you time

East Riding Koi Co Ltd

Leading Koi outlet in the UK. They stock Bao Bio products!


Aquatic plants of South Africa

Ever wondered about aquatic plants?
Aquatic Plants of South Africa


The Southern California Chapter of the ZNA

Koi keeping by Koi fanatics in California, active society!
ZNA So Cal Chapter


Brett's Fish Farm

An American Koi Breeder doing some very cool Koi breeding in the States. Obviously Koi kichi!
Brett's Fish Farm


Tim Jansen

Typical Koi nut! Interesting pages on Koi though.
Tim Jansen's Home Page


SA Koi Forum

Online SA Koi Forum
SA Koi Forum


Jerry's Koi Page

All about Jerry's Koi pond...


Pond Plants for your Koi Pond

Plenty of info on plants suitable for ponds!



for information on Tilapia, catfish, recirculating systems, earth ponds, kob, system design, training, aquaculture, ornamental fish, cage culture & trout


Koi Park

KoiPark - The website of the company, which specializes on building ponds for koi carp, supplying filtration systems, pumps, etc. Everything for happy koi keeping in Ukraine and territory of ex-USSR.


ABC Ponds

Design tips, product information and other useful ponding resources for aspiring pondscapers.
Pond Building


The Pond Professor

All you need to know about water gardens and water features
Advice, experience, it's all here



An excellent resource despite their attempts to sell bead reactors.
Good honest basic explanations



Another excellent resource, especially when your Koi are sick
Experienced Koi vet help with your sick Koi


A great site

Great source of reference material for hobbyists by hobbyists. Welsh. But we won't hold that against them!


South African Koi Keepers Society

A great society to join. Branches all over the country.
Click here for more information on how to join


Koi Magazine (UK)

The ultimate companion to keeping Koi. All the best ideas, advice and inspiration to keep your Koi healthy.
Click here for more information:


Koi ponds contains a host of useful information for aspiring pondscapers that includes design tips, product information and other useful ponding resources.


Country House Plans

House plans and garage plans from Design Connection, LLC.


Investing in gold?

Another off the wall site related to investing - not in Koi but rather in Kruger Rands and in silver...
How to invest in gold and silver